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MyClassyCloset was set up on 17th June 2008, providing quality fashion wear, bags & cosmetics! =D

We do supply all the things here. Do mail us for more information! :) myclassycloset@hotmail.com

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- 26 Sexy Shadows & Blusher Combo
- 24, 40 Shimmer/Glitter Palette
- 66 Lip/Gloss Palette
- 10, 28 Blusher Palettes
- 32, 50 Colors Mini Palettes
- 6pc Contour, 10pc Gel Concealer Palettes
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- Single Brushes
- Gel Eyeliners

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Strictly at Tampines MRT Station only

Per Item: SGD1.50(apparels); SGD2.50(bags); SGD3.00(makeup palettes)
Registered Mail: additional SGD2.24

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♥ Items may be slightly different from pictures due to hue & saturation.
♥ MyClassyCloset will not be held liable for any lost mail during postage.
♥ MyClassyCloset will not be held liable for supplier's wrong despatch of items/color/size.
♥ MyClassyCloset reserves the right to alter the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
MyClassyCloset Preorder

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

MyClassyCloset 3rd Anniversary Sale!

31st May - parcels arrive, emailed all customers! :)
2nd & 3rd June - mass meetups!

Hey ladies!! :)
Sorry for not updating for such a long time as i was really busy with my uni exams and FYP. but now i'm all done! :D just in good time to celebrate MCC 3rd Anniversary! :)

Please note that this is a preorder. However, items are limited (pls refer to each product for the availability)!

Especially the 100 colors eyeshadow evening bag (i only placed 50sets with the factory!)All purchases come with a mystery gift (containing either necklaces, earrings, rings, or MCC vouchers!)

Closing date: 23rd May 2011, 11.59pm
Expected arrival of items: within 7-10days after preorder closes
Expected mass meetup date: 3rd-6th June 2011
Mass meetup venue: Tampines MRT Station
You may also wish to opt for home delivery at just $5! :)

Please email your orders to: myclassycloset@hotmail.com

100 Colors Eyeshadow Evening Bag

Description: Contains 100 different eyeshadow shades with a mixture of satin and ultra shimmer colors. Includes 2 foam-tip eyeshadow applicators. Specially designed for MyClassyCloset 3rd anniversary sale! Eyeshadows are imprinted with an elegant rose imprint (inspired by Anna Sui), and comes with a pretty 3-fold metallic pink clutch bag design! $19.90 for 100 different shades! each color cost less than $0.20! so what are you waiting for ladies?? :D
(There will be no more backorders once all 50 sets are reserved.)


40 Eyeshadow & 40 Lip Colors Combo Set

Description: This set includes 2 separate makeup palettes: a 40 color eyeshadow palette + a 40 color lip palette. Each colour pot is about the size of a Singapore 10cents coin.


88 Marble Palette + EcoTools Brush Set Combo

*usual price up to SGD56
(we accept unlimited orders! :))

88 Ultra Shimmer Palette + Magenta Clutch 15pc Brush Set Combo

*usual price up to SGD93
(we accept unlimited orders! :))

Please note that this is a preorder. You can send us your orders to: myclassycloset@hotmail.com. Alternatively, you may use the shopping cart available at http://www.myclassycloset.sg/ for automatic calculation. Prices will readjusted to the discounted prices after we receive your orders.

P/S: for all other Instock products, you may refer to http://www.myclassycloset.sg/! :)

Happy 3rd Anniversary,
(updated 14th May 2011, 10.14pm)

My story ends here; 2:09 AM

Saturday, December 4, 2010

♥Christmas Preorders♥

14th Dec - order placed with factory, payment made
15th Dec - parcels shipped out in 2 batches
21st & 22nd Dec - parcels all arrived
22nd Dec - meetup details, postage and updates sent via Email

Meetup: 23rd Dec (Thursday) 5pm, Tampines MRT Station (outside Guardian store)

Dear Ladies!! :)
Thank you for shopping at MyClassyCloset all these while! Previously, we've got so many requests asking for preorders becoz of the cheaper prices.. and now that it's the holiday season.. we will also be more free in end-december to january.. so we have decided to organise another preorder (just as u gals wanted!).. Prices are cheaper compared to instocks, of course! :D items will arrive just in time for Christmas (perfect for christmas gifts!)

Please send all order/enquries to: myclassycloset@hotmail.com
Preorder closing date: 13th Dec 2010, 11.59pm
Estimated collection date: 21st-23rd Dec 2010

Why Choose ♥Makeup Magic♥ ?
1) We constantly revise our prices to make it more affordable!
2) All palettes are guaranteed brand new and in perfect condition.
3) You can check your palettes during meetups.
4) The cost of damaged palettes are absorbed by us.
5) All palettes are manufactured within 1-2months, definitely fresh! :)
6) Palettes have a store life of 3-5yrs!

Mode of Collection:
1) Mass meetup @ Tampines MRT station only
2) Normal Postage - SGD3 per palette, additional palette $2 each
3) Registered Postage - SGD5.24 per palette, additional palette $2 each
4) Islandwide Home Delivery - SGD10 flat rate (highly recommended for those who cant make it for meetups)
*normal postage is strictly discouraged as there is high risk of breakages, will be at buyers' own risk.

Christmas Specials
1) MYSTERY Christmas Gift (worth $2 - $24) on ALL purchases (no minimum order needed)!! :D
2) Spend $50 & above - free normal postage; or add $2.24 for registered postage
3) Spend $80 & above - free registered postage
4) Spend $100 & above - 10% discount + free registered postage

MyClassyCloset provides Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas tagcards (picture below), & personalized message at additional $1!

PREORDER Makeup Palettes
88 Original Palette - $27
88 Ultra Shimmer Palette - $32
88 Cool Palette - $29
88 Marble Palette - $29
88 Warm Palette - $30
78 (version 1) Palette - $27
78 (version 2) Palette - $27
120 Colors Palette - $40
96 Colors Palette - $32
56 Combo Palette - $27
28 Neutral Palette - $27
26 Combo Palette - $27
15 Shimmer/Warm Palette - $18
10 Blush Palette - $20
28 Blush Palette - $27
10 Concealer Palette - $20
15 Concealer Palette - $21
32 Lip Palette - $25
66 Lip Palette - $26
6pc Contour Palette - $26

PREORDER Makeup Brush Sets
Orange Valentine 26pc Brush Set - $60
Purple Valentine 16pc Brush Set - $36
Magenta Clutch 15pc Brush Set - $50
Miss Amethyst 12pc Brush Set - $40
Ecotools Brush Set - $21
CVS Essence of Beauty Brush Set - $20

PREORDER Single Cosmetic Brushes
Eyeshadow Brush - $5
Round Crease Brush - $5
Eyeliner Brush - $4.50
Angled Liner Brush - $4.50
Red Seductive Kabuki Brush - $10

Matte Black color - $10
Blue Seduction color - $10
Royal Bronze color - $10
Black with Gold Sprinkles color - $10
Truffle Brown color - $10

To view the pictures and details of each product, pls click here or go to: http://myclassycloset-makeupmagic.blogspot.com/! ;)

All i want for Christmas... is You~
(5th Dec 2010, 5.12am)

My story ends here; 12:31 PM

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
fUnKyYy ChRiStmAsSs!
fUnKyYy cHriStmAs GiFtsSss!! :D
[all items $15.90 & below - with free postage!]
6th Dec - order placed
15th Dec - items shipped out (delayed by Forever21)

Fretting over what to buy for your girlies or colleagues??
MyClassyCloset introduces funky christmas gift ideas at pocket-friendly prices!

All items/sets come with free normal postage.
Please top up additional $2.24 for registered postage.

Note that this is a preorder. Items will arrive by 20th-22nd Dec, just in time for Christmas. If you wish to collect it earlier, you can opt for meetup at Tampines MRT station (it is FOC).

Please send in your enquiries/orders to myclassycloset@hotmail.com
Closing date for preorder: 5th Dec 2010, Saturday, 11.59pm (only PAID orders will be processed)
Estimated arrival date: 20th-22nd Dec 2010

Simply add $1 for a mini christmas gift card + gift wrapping! :)

Mood Lipstick
Don't let the bright color scare you! As your mood changes, the color changes to make that unique and perfect color for you!

Comes in 6 shades:
1. light pink (rosy pink)
2. pink (neon pink)
3. orange (cool coral)
4. green (champagne pink)
5. blue (fiery fuchsia)
6. gold (peach shimmer)
[in brackets () is what you get after it changes.
e.g. link pink lipstick changes to a rosy pink color after application.]


Mood Nail Polish
Here you have it ladies! Mood struck nail polish, yes you heard us right!
"Heat Activated Color Changing Nail Polish". 0.7" fl oz each.

Comes in 3 shades:
1. pink (fuchsia)
2. green (yellow)
3. purple (plum)
[in brackets () is what you get after it changes.
e.g. pink nail polish changes to a fuchsia color after application.]


Intense Neon Nail Polish Set

Create a Street chic look with our bright, bold, and intense color nail polish.
Set of 4 solid colors. 0.24 fl. oz. (7ml) each.
Buy a set or split it up amongst your friends! :)


Starlit Ultra Shine Lipgloss Set

Ultra glossy and shimmery, this lip gloss set provides you with 4 different colors, perfect for matching any outfit! Sponge tip applicator. Net Wt. 0.15 fl oz. per tube.
Buy a set or split it up amongst your friends! :)


Christmas Starry Lipgloss Set

You'll always have the perfect shade to match any outfit with this set of four gorgeous lip glosses! Each has an ultra glossy, shimmering finish. Brush tip applicator. Packaged in a cute box decorated with star, moon and heart shapes. 5.2ml net weight.
Buy a set or split it up amongst your friends! :)


HoHoHo! ;)
(1st Dec 2010, 2.57am)

My story ends here; 10:20 AM

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Updates (21st Oct 2010)
14th oct - placed orders
15th oct - supplier shipped out orders to SG
18th oct - parcel arrived in SG
20th oct - parcel received, sorting in process! :D

darlings!! thank you for waiting, our parcels are already here and im still cleaning and chking them. will proceed to sort them out and we can meet on friday! :) you all should have received either an email or sms by now regarding the arrival of items and the meetup details. we've opened up 3 meetup slots to cater to different ladies' needs (coz i know some are schooling, some are working, so we tried to arrange both evenings and nights)! :D do let me know which meetup slot ure opting for. thank you so much for ur patience and support sweeties! xoxo

Slot 1) Friday (22nd oct), 10pm -- Tampines MRT Station
Slot 2) Monday (25th oct), 5pm -- Boon Lay MRT Station
Slot 3) Monday (25th oct), 6pm -- Tampines MRT Station

*MyClassyCloset hugs you! muacks!

Backorders & New Product!! :)

hi ladies,
due to the overwhelming response for the 24 baked marble eyeshadow palette, we are currently doing a backorder and at the same time preorders for SOME items... which means u gals will be able to get goodies at a much reduced price rather than the instock price! =) reason is, some palettes are currently out of stock (even at the factory), so i thought since customers have to wait for abt 1.5 to 2 weeks, then why not charge cheaper (its only fair right.. to make up for the waiting time) =)

Backorders open: 10th Oct - 13th Oct, 11:59pm (only PAID orders will be processed)
Estimated waiting time: 1 week
Estimated collection date: 20th - 25rd Oct
Mass meetup places: Tampines/Boon Lay/Pioneer MRT stations
Postage: $3 (normal); $5.24 (registered)

pls direct all orders/enquiries to: myclassycloset@hotmail.com

24 Baked Marble Eyeshadow Palette (mineralized!) *

Size of palette (when closed): 24cm by 17.5cm (palette is really large!)
Size of each eyeshadow pan: 3.6cm diameter
Description: Contains 24 piece eyeshadow pans, each with two coordinating shades baked together in a single pan (makes things worry-free, you dun have to fret over how to match the colors!). Total 48 different colors.

A superb way to experience Mineralize's unique properties: exceptionally sheer and lightweight application, and easy, rich colour. Finishes include super-fine pearl that leave a soft dimensional shimmer on the skin.

In my opinion, this is a really cool palette.. i've one for myself! and my favourite colors are the 3rd row, middle 2 combinations (purple-indigo & pink-gold). what i'd usually do is to gently swipe my index finger on the middle line that divides the 2 colors to get a good mix of both colors on my finger. then i'd apply on my lid lines (the line that divides the double lids) so that i'd have 2 colors on my eyes now.. then i'd use another duo-color pan for the highlighter part (usually i'd pick the pink-gold combination for this). and tadah! just 2 swipes and i've got my makeup done! just continue blending to get a soft layout! the best thing abt this palette is the coordinating shades designed by makeup artistes. they've allocated 2 coordinating colors in each pan to ensure that the color matches well on our lids.. so we dun have to worry what color shud match what coz its all been done! tats wat i really love abt this!! ;)

SGD42 (special backorder price)
[after which instock would be $45 -- instock unavailable now]


Trio-Color Baked Eyeshadow Quad
(Available in 6 different versions #01-#06. Pls indicate which version # you want in the order)

Size: 5.5cm diameter
Description: Each quad contains 3 pre-designed coordinating/matching colors for easier application. Can be used both wet and dry. Comes in a box as well. Fabulous as gifts!

If you find the 24 baked marble palette having too much colors, this would be a good alternative. Compact and light, easy to carry around in your handbag as well! =)

Preorder this at SGD8.50 only
[after which instock would be $10.50]

Other palettes that are available for preorders:
1) 26 combo palette - SGD27 (usual instock price $30)
2) 78 version 2 palette - SGD27 (usual instock price $30)
3) 96 palette - SGD32 (usual instock price $35)

For all other palettes that are available instock now, pls refer to:

Magical makeup!
(10th Oct 2010, 5.50am)

My story ends here; 10:50 AM

Sunday, October 3, 2010

MyClassyCloset New Products! :)

24 Baked Marble Eyeshadow Palette (mineralized!) *
Size of palette (when closed): 24cm by 17.5cm (palette is really large!)
Size of each eyeshadow pan: 3.6cm diameter
Description: Contains 24 piece eyeshadow pans, each with two coordinating shades baked together in a single pan (makes things worry-free, you dun have to fret over how to match the colors!). Total 48 different colors.

A superb way to experience Mineralize's unique properties: exceptionally sheer and lightweight application, and easy, rich colour. Finishes include super-fine pearl that leave a soft dimensional shimmer on the skin.
*introductory item (left with 2/5 palettes instock all sold)
we may be ordering more in the coming few weeks. do email us at myclassycloset@hotmail.com if you'd like to reserve one set :)

Pink Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush
This brush offers complete coverage with its dense semi firm sable hair blend.
Brushed nickel ferrule, pink pearl painted wood handle.
Good for patting on eyeshadows, highlighting brows, and contouring around eye areas!

Perfect Ashley Premium Duo-Color 6pc Brush Set
Description: Contains 2 single-end brushes (power brush, contour brush) & 2 duo-end brushes (eyeshadow brush, angled eyeshadow brush, flat eyeliner brush, angled eyeliner brush) in a professional black kit. Total 6 brushes for different uses.
Bristles are made of high quality nylon fibers and are duo-colored pink & white. Comes with short bamboo handles and gold aluminium ferrule. A basic must-have brush set for makeup beginners.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss
Get delicious shine with shades that taste as good as they look.
Features & Benefits: A satiny swipe of yummy color. From pearly cream gloss to mega-watt shine, gloss glides on for delicious shine.
Best For: High-shine with major flavor.
Available in: Red Delicious, Passion Fruit Pop, Cherry Bomb, Sugar High, Juiced Berry

Other Updates
1) Victoria's Secret Pro Eyeshadow Primer replenished!
2) Round crease brush replenished!
3) Essence of Beauty brush set replenished!
4) 78 version 2 palette replenished!

[Click here to view all other instock makeup palettes and brushes! :)]

October's Beauty Fever! :)
(3rd Oct 2010, 7.02am)

My story ends here; 10:05 PM

Friday, August 20, 2010

Winner 88 Warm Palette Replenished! =)

Contents: 88 eyeshadow colors (mixture of matte & shimmery colors), mirrored inside, with 2 foam tip eyeshadow applicators
Measurements: 9"X6.5" (when closed)
Now yours at only SGD33 instock! =)
(21st Aug 2010, 12.03am)

My story ends here; 6:00 PM